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Information Regarding the Injury Investigation of the Changed Circumstance Review of the Antidumping Duty Order on Art Paper from Japan
Publish Date: 2003-01-14
1. Information regarding injury investigation
(1) Product Description The imported product subject to this investigation is Art Paper classified under subheadings 4810.11.00.00 and 4810.12.00.00 of the Customs Import Tariff and Classification of Import and Export Commodities of the Republic of China during the period of investigation.
(2) Domestic Like Product Art Paper.
(3) Domestic Industry Yuen Foong Yu Paper Mfg. Co., Cheng Loong Corp., Ltd., Long Chen Paper Co., Ltd., Taiwan Pulp & Paper Corporation.
(4) R.O.C. imports of Art Paper, in absolute terms and relative terms(Shown in Table I)。
(5) Weighted-average prices of domestic and imported Art Paper (Shown in Table II)。
(6) Summary data on the domestic Art Paper industry (Shown in Table III)。
2.The information may be revised later based on evidence and information submitted by the interested parties.
3.The injury determination, through a joint consultation, will be made by at least two thirds of the attending Commissioners at a meeting attended by at least two thirds of all the Commissioners. The Commission consists of a chairman (who is the Minister of the MOEA), four official Commissioners (who are Vice Ministers of relevant government departments), and eight persons who are well-versed and experienced in industry, economics, trade, finance, tax or law.
4.The introduction to the Commissioners, the antidumping regulations, and any information regarding this investigation are available on the internet at http://www.moeaitc.gov.tw
Art Paper from Japan (ADP-Review)-Tables
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