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International Trade Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs International Trade Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Organization & Duties

On July 1, 1994, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) formally established the International Trade Commission(ITC) in accordance with "The Organizational Regulations of the International Trade Commission." The organization and duties of the Commission are as follows:

(I) Commission Meeting: A Vice/Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs serves concurrently as Chairperson of the Commission. All of the Commissioners work on a part-time basis, and are appointed by the ITC Chairperson. The Commissioners serve a term of three years and may be appointed to a second term. They include:
1.The Vice/Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs;
2.The Vice/Deputy Minister of Finance;
3.The Vice/Deputy Minister of National Development Council, Executive Yuan;
4.The Vice/Deputy Minister of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan;
5.The Vice/Deputy Minister of Labor;
6.Eight to ten other Commissioners who have expertise in industry, economics, trade, finance, taxation or law.
(II) Administrative Departments: There is an Executive Secretary to handle administrative affairs, and a Deputy Executive Secretary to provide assistance. There is an Investigation Division, a Legal Affairs Offices, and a Secretariat. ITC’s Personnel and Accounting Staff are assigned from the MOEA Personnel Office and Accounting Office.

Ⅱ. Duties
(I) Commission Meeting The Commission convenes to discharge the following responsibilities:
1.To decide whether a domestic industry has been injured in and import relief case, countervailing case or antidumping case.
2.To recommend whether or not an import relief measure should be adopted.
3.To recommend whether or not to terminate, modify, or extend import relief measures.
4.To review the ITC rules and regulations.
5.To consider and act on proposals brought up in a Commission Meeting.
6.To decide other matters as appropriate.
(II) Administrative Departments Affairs handled by the Investigation Division, Legal Affairs Office, Secretariat, Assigned Personnel Staff and Assigned Accounting Staff are as follows:
1.Injury investigation and determination, recommendation of import relief measures.
2.Injury investigation for countervailing and antidumping cases.
3.Participation in international cooperative actions related to trade remedy.
4.Monitoring on quantities of imports subjected to trade remedy measures.
5.Consultation on import relief and countervailing and antidumping duty cases.
6.Research, handling and coordination on dispute settlement cases regarding trade remedy.
7.Drafting of the rules and regulations of trade remedy.
8.Research, documentation, filing, procurement and management.
9.Handling of matters regarding personnel management and accounting.

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